What to Wear

What to wear… most definitely the most important question we all ask ourselves before a photo session!  While in the past, this was answered with a pile of multi-sized khaki pants and white button down shirts, we fortunately have come a long way since.  Style makes a huge statement in modern family photography, and I have a few pointers to guide you along the process.


Coordinate, but do not match

This is KEY to successful style at a photo session.  Outfits that are selected to compliment eachother?  YES.  Matchy, matchy?  (Thankfully) NO.  I suggest you begin your clothing selections by picking a couple neutral colors that can be worn by all members.  Examples are denim and taupe, or gray and navy, or cream and denim.  Use those neutrals throughout the wardrobe – from pants to shirts to shoes.  Now is the fun part – to add in a pop (or two) of color!  For example, mom could wear an tangerine scarf, boy can wear some great tangerine shoes, and girl can have a tangerine dress.  This pop can be present in clothing, shoes, jewelry, or hair accessories.

Mustard Set


Keep things simple

Don’t be afraid to add a print, but keep things simple.  Prints and patterns should be small in scale (try to avoid busy patterns or bold stripes), and shouldn’t compete with eachother.  Avoid logos, or pictures.  Try to be timeless in your clothing selections, steering away from trendy styles and choosing classics instead.


Add layers and texture

Texture is such a great way to add visual interest to your images.  A woven scarf, a knit sweater, or a leather belt work wonderfully in photos.  Dressing in layers also allows you to quickly change the look of your images by removing a jacket or switching out a scarf.

Cranberry Set

Dress for your location, your season, and your home

Keep in mind your location when selecting your clothing choices.  While cozy sweaters and boots look great in forested settings, a beach setting may call for light dresses and sandals, or even bare feet.  Also keep the season in mind.  Fall sessions are a great opportunity to dress in warm colors, while spring sessions give you more freedom to use bright shades.  Finally, think about where these photos will hang.  Consider the color scheme used in your home decor as a starting point for your portrait clothing selections.


Any questions?  Contact Sheila at any time for assistance with clothing selection!




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